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Posted by indianselections on Oct 25th 2016

While many of us enjoy the sunshine, sometimes there are reasons for rooms to be kept dark during the daylight hours. The most common reason for darkened daytime rooms is to allow for comfortable and restful sleep. Whether the sleeper is a night time worker that sleeps during the day, a baby that rests better without the light shining in or someone who is sick and needs dark to rest well, there are many reasons for keeping a room dark for part of the day. Blackout curtains are the perfect solution, as they can be set up to truly block out 90% of the light coming in the windows.
At Indian Selections our blackout curtains are much heavier than the average curtain in order to give you the darkness when you want it. Our curtains are specifically designed for nurseries and children's rooms to help those little ones get a restful nap during the day, and block out night time lights, as well.
If you are looking for blackout drapes that can be both energy saving and light blocking, look no further than Indian Selections.