Velvet Cirtains - A big important detail

Velvet Cirtains - A big important detail

Jul 18th 2017

A Big and Important DetailHouses or, rather, homes, are made up of hundreds of little details that add to the personal touch of not just one but all people living in that household. This is precisel … read more

Types of Curtains

Posted by indianselections on Jun 7th 2017

Curtains enjoy a place of honor whether it is a beautiful house, elegant mansion, ritzy restaurant or opulent hotel or a shop/beauty parlor. You name it and they are there. You will find use of cur … read more

Indian Selections opens a New Window On the Sari

May 22nd 2017

We at Indian Selections wanted to give the sari a new dimension.The Sari simply deserves more. The six yards needs to be showcased in all their grandeur or in their sheer fragile beauty. The Sari is m … read more
Enhance look of any room with bright drapes

Enhance look of any room with bright drapes

Dec 24th 2016

Draperies are an opportunity to highlight a room’s architecture and to frame a view; a chance to celebrate natural light by filtering it through a pretty sheer or to block out light completely when ne … read more

Made to measure Blackout Curtains and Drapery @

Posted by indianselections on Oct 25th 2016

While many of us enjoy the sunshine, sometimes there are reasons for rooms to be kept dark during the daylight hours. The most common reason for darkened daytime rooms is to allow for comfortable and … read more