​Choosing the right window treatment for your home

Aug 20th 2019

We’ve all heard about clothes shopping, shoe shopping, house shopping, and other kinds of shopping that we love to do. But did you know, window shopping is actually a thing. And not just the check-through-a-store-without-buying-anything type, but rather an actual shopping to make your windows look better.

Window treatments are what we shop for when we like to “dress” our windows. Yes, it may be less popular than buying appliances for the house and even experts say it something homeowners are often willing to overlook, but it is as important as choosing the right paint color.

Choosing the right one for you, whether you want blinds, shades, shutters, or curtains takes a lot of effort and consideration for what exactly you want to achieve.

The four things you need to think about when window treatment shopping are these:

1. Functionality – Do you want it to go upwards, downwards or side wards?

2. Privacy – Do you want complete privacy or are you willing to give your neighbors a little peek of the inside?

3. Usage – Is it to block out the light or just to highlight the new sofa set you bought?

4. Budget – How much are you willing to shell out for this project?

Once you’ve figured these four out, you’re ready to go pick the window treatment for your home. But the question is, do you need to get the same window coverings throughout the house? The quick answer is no. Each space in your home has different functions, and therefore requires different needs when it comes to light, aesthetics, and privacy.

You should always consider the needs of each room individually when choosing window treatments. This means that what is in your living room don’t have to be in your dining room, kitchen, or bedrooms. However, for the aesthetic aspects, you want those treatments to flow together. Pick options that even though they are different, they still feel like a good fit from room to room. Here are the different types of treatment you can choose for your windows:

Blinds – the cheapest option and considered a “hard” element as it is mostly made of wood or metal. The stock vinyl and aluminum blinds are the most popular choice for apartments but they don’t provide much when it comes to style. Blinds are pure function – opening, closing, and providing privacy. Blinds come in a variety of colors and many wood tones but usually have no pattern.

Shades – “soft” type of treatment. More expensive than blinds. A shade is a soft fabric panel attached to a rod or frame. It may not have the light-filtering functions like in blinds, but they do come in varying levels of opacity. Shades come in a wide range of lengths widths, colors, and materials. With these features, you can get a window shade that will match any decorating theme from casual to formal.

Curtains – typically sold in pairs. Curtains can provide privacy, insulation and light control depending on the fabric material used and lining. Curtains come in a wide range of style and colors. There are also curtains sold that are heavily patterned in the market. For bedrooms, it is recommended to get blackout style curtains especially if you are working the night shift. This will give enough room darkness to help get deep sleep.

Shutters – the most pricey option among all the window treatments. As window technology improved through the years, shutters are used less for protective purposes and more as a decorative piece nowadays. Shutters are great for maximizing aesthetic for they are easy to see from outdoors. With shutters’ solid geometry and noticeable structure, it has been a favorite among all other window treatments when it comes to design.

Bonus tip:

Before you choose the window treatment you wish to install in your home, you can do some research and spend time browsing on home magazines or home design sites online to familiarize yourself with the design you want to achieve. Or better be, consult professionals for what is the best option for your windows.

Author – Edward Cruz is a staff writer for VIPpromocodes.com, a website that provides the latest promotional codes, exclusive sales and offers for all of the top stores in the U.S.