4 Piece Indian Art Silk Sari Saree, Custom Stitched Blouse & petticoat + Bindi

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4 Piece Indian Art Silk Sari Saree, Custom Stitched Blouse & petticoat + Bindi
Normally ships in 2 - 3 day(s).
  • 1 Piece Ready to wear sari (hemmed and with fall) / Dry Clean or Hand Wash only
  • 1 made to measure blouse (measuring instructions will be emailed after order is placed)
  • 1 Underskirt / petticoat (measuring instructions will be emailed after order is placed)
  • 1 Pack of Bindis (approx 4-5 bindis per pack)
  • Optional FREE UPGRADE to ready to wear Sari. You can choose this option when providing measurements.
Get the complete Indian attire. No need to buy anything else. We will custom make the blouse & petticoat. You can also get the sari upgraded to a ready to wear sari with pre-stitched pleats for FREE.

You will get a sari with its edges hemmed so that you don't have any loose threads and we will also stitch a fall to the bottom portion of the sari so that the sari doesn't get frayed when you walk. Don't settle for the cheaper versions which do not have a hem or a fall. You will need this if you intend to wear the sari the right way.

What is a Sari
sari is a rectangular piece of unstitched fabric which is draped around the body. The length of the sari is 220 Inches long and 43 inches wide. The fabric is draped around the body and over the shoulders. The loose end of the fabric, which is thrown over the left shoulder, is known as Pallu.

What is a Ready to wear sari
Pre-stitched or ready to wear saris add convenience to grace. These saris are crafted so that they can be worn in a one-step process, just like putting on a skirt. It takes approximately 15 seconds to slip into the pre-stitched sari. But draping the normal sari sets the wearer back by 7 to 10 minutes. Once worn, the pre-stitched sari looks exactly like the conventional sari.

In essence, a pre-stitched sari is a skirt with pleats at the center. It can be worn without the fuss of tucking, pleating, or adjusting of the pallu length. In fact, this easy-to-wear sari even does away with the bother of draping. All that the wearer needs to do is to put the loose end of the outfit over the shoulder. The blouse is worn separately. These saris are best suited for people who want to wear one of the most iconic elements of Indian couture while avoiding the knottiness of drapes.

What is a Bindi
A bindi is a decorative mark / dot worn in the middle of the forehead by Indian women