Made to measure Blackout Curtains and Drapery @

Posted by indianselections on Oct 25th 2016

While many of us enjoy the sunshine, sometimes there are reasons for rooms to be kept dark during the daylight hours. The most common reason for darkened daytime rooms is to allow for comfortable and … read more

How to Care for Velvet Curtains

Posted by Anurag on Oct 19th 2016

Add a touch of elegance to any room with the soft, plush texture and rich, deep colors of velvet curtains. Plus, the heavy weight of velvet keeps out extra light and provides maximum privacy, making t … read more

Furnishing a Small Room... Decorating Ideas for Tight Spaces

Posted by Anurag on Oct 19th 2016

It seems that all decorating sites and magazines believe that we all live in mansions with vast spaces for us to decorate. Unfortunately, this is the real world and it is a little smaller than they th … read more