Black Georgette 3/4 sleeves Kurti/Tunic with white thread embroidery

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Black Georgette 3/4 sleeves Kurti/Tunic with white thread embroidery
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  • Designer embroidery / Polyester Blend Fabric
  • 3/4 Sleeves
  • Tunic length: 30 inches long
  • Machine Wash
  • Measuring instructions: Simply add 2 inches to bust size and that is your kurti/tunic size. Example: If your chest size is 40 Inches then buy Large Kurti (42 Inches)
Relax in comfort and style in this exotic tunic from India. Black in color with three-quarter length sleeves, this tunic is the best in casual elegance. It features a dainty embroidered neckline, and is hand-made by the finest Indian artisans

Story Behind the Art:
The kurti fabric is woven into beautiful designs on power looms by artisans who have been following the trade for generations, toiling day and night to give the cloth its intrinsic beauty and cool nature. Besides weaving, a fair number of kurtis have further attractive designs embellished on them by skilled artists. Color block printing by hand, hand-painting by talented painters, sewing on bejeweled embellishments by craftsmen to produce unique designs are just some of the efforts that go into making these extremely comfortable and fashionable kurtis.



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